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Tire Shine, Interior Dressing & Solvents

Our tire shine, formulated for professional detailers, is guaranteed to give your tires shine and nothing but shine, every time! Our Moonshiner tire dressing repels water, and is perfectly clear because it contains no colored solvents or fillers.  It's the best tire shine for your tires because it is 100% active which means that every product used to make our tire shine has a purpose. 

Moonshiner tire dressing works best sprayed on and gives your vehicle that show car look! Over ten years in the making, our tire shine product is the best for your vinyl, rubber and plastic and gives you a shine that lasts several weeks!

To use our Moonshiner tire dressing: Spray tire shine onto a clean surface or apply tire shine product to a cloth and wipe on to avoid overspray.

Our interior dressing product, High Gloss, can be used on both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. THE interior dressing for protection for vinyl, leather and rubber and can be used on engines to produce a new engine look! High Gloss is water based, easy to apply and has a pleasant fragrance. High Gloss interior dressing can also be used on wet surfaces.

To use High Gloss interior dressing: Spray directly on surface or use a clean application sponge to apply. Allow to dry to the touch or use a clean cloth to wipe surfaces dry.

To use High Gloss interior dressing on Engines and Wheel Wells: Spray generously onto a clean surface and allow interior dressing to dry to a clear finish.

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