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Safety Data Sheets

The Detail Supply Warehouse is pleased to offer our customers an easier way to access the new Safety Data Sheets for our products! The Safety Data Sheets are in alphabetical order by product name.  Please find the product name for the Safety Data Sheet needed and click on the product name to view, download or print a copy for your convenience.  If there is a product you are looking for that is not on the list, please call us at 918-251-1199 or email us via the Contact Us page here on the website. We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing The Detail Supply Warehouse for all of your detailing needs!


985 Metal Polish
All Kleen
Amazing Paint Perfecting Glaze
Auto Brite
Auto Scents Liquid Concentrate - Black Ice Sapphire
Auto Scents Liquid Concentrate - California Orange
Auto Scents Liquid Concentrate - Cool Breeze
Auto Scents Liquid Concentrate - Creamsicle
Auto Scents Liquid Concentrate - Fresh N Clean
Auto Scents Liquid Concentrate - Lemon Squeeze
Auto Scents Liquid Concentrate - Lime Squeeze
Auto Scents Liquid Concentrate - Mango Tango
Auto Scents Liquid Concentrate - New Car
Auto Scents Liquid Concentrate - New Leather
Auto Scents Liquid Concentrate - Spring Showers
Auto Scents Liquid Concentrate - Summer Breeze
Auto Scents Liquid Concentrate - Watermelon
Auto Scents Liquid Concentrate - Wild Cherry
Auto Scents Liquid Concentrate - Winter Fresh
Auto Scents Odor Bomb - Berrylicious
Auto Scents Odor Bomb - Black Ice Sapphire
Auto Scents Odor Bomb - Carpet and Upholstery Refresh
Auto Scents Odor Bomb - Cinnamon
Auto Scents Odor Bomb - Cool Breeze
Auto Scents Odor Bomb - Creamsicle
Auto Scents Odor Bomb - Fresh N Clean
Auto Scents Odor Bomb - Mango Tango
Auto Scents Odor Bomb - New Car
Auto Scents Odor Bomb - Upholstery Refresh
Auto Scents Odor Bomb - Wild Cherry
Auto Scents Wafers - Black Ice Sapphire
Auto Scents Wafers - California Orange
Auto Scents Wafers - Cool Breeze
Auto Scents Wafers - Creamsicle
Auto Scents Wafers - Fresh N Clean
Auto Scents Wafers - Lemon Squeeze
Auto Scents Wafers - Lime Squeeze
Auto Scents Wafers - Mango Tango
Auto Scents Wafers - New Car
Auto Scents Wafers - New Leather
Auto Scents Wafers - Spring Showers
Auto Scents Wafers - Summer Breeze
Auto Scents Wafers - Watermelon
Auto Scents Wafers - Wild Cherry
Auto Scents Wafers - Winter Fresh
Banana Wax
Black Diamond Odor Remover
Blue Gloss
Brown Stain Out Extractor Solution
Buffing Compound
Can Do Odor Remover
Carpet Dye-Autumn Red
Carpet Dye-Beige
Carpet Dye-Black
Carpet Dye-Blue
Carpet Dye-Brown
Carpet Dye-Burgundy
Carpet Dye-Carbon Grey
Carpet Dye-Charcoal Grey
Carpet Dye-Chocolate
Carpet Dye-Dark Charcoal Grey
Carpet Dye-Dark Greige
Carpet Dye-Dark Grey
Carpet Dye-Dark Grey Metallic
Carpet Dye-Dark Red
Carpet Dye-Deep Blue
Carpet Dye-Desert Tan
Carpet Dye-Doeskin
Carpet Dye-Dove Grey
Carpet Dye-Flagstone
Carpet Dye-Greige
Carpet Dye-Grey Metallic
Carpet Dye-Grey
Carpet Dye-Khaki
Carpet Dye-Light Beige
Carpet Dye-Light Brown
Carpet Dye-Light Grey
Carpet Dye-Parve Beige
Carpet Dye-Sand
Carpet Dye-Silver Metallic
Carpet Dye-Sky Blue
Carpet Dye-Tan
Carpet Dye-Taupe
Carpet Dye-Tawny Grey
Carpet Dye-Vintage Tan
Carpet Dye-White
Carpet Dye-Woodward Tan
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomber
Cherry Limeade Air Fresh
Citra Kleen Aerosol
Citra Kleen
Citra Sol
Dark Glaze
Diamond Shine
Dual Action
Eliminator Odor Neutralizer
Emulsion #4
Extra Duty
Extreme Kleen
Fast Finish
Fast Shot
Fat Bob's Biker's Wet Look Wax
Final Touch Showroom Touch Up
Finish Cut
Floor Brite
Fresh Air Odor Eliminator
Glass Cleaner Aerosol
Gloss All
Heavy Metal Cleaner
High Gloss
HPS #1 Aerosol
Instant Cut
JW Shine
Knock Out Aerosol
Leather Interior Air Fresh
Leather Kleen
Moonshiner Quick Detail Aerosol
Moonshiner Original Formula Tire Dressing
Moonshiner Pad Dressing
Moonshiner Tire Dressing
Moose Wax
Paintable Rubberized Undercoating
Power Kleen
Product 1098
Protect All
Restore Leather Treatment
SLS-25 Enzyme Cleaner
Smoke Out Odor Bomb
Sparkle Glass Cleaner
Sprayway Fast Tack 87
Sprayway Glass Cleaner
Spring Showers Air Fresh
Summer Breeze Air Fresh
Super Brite
Super Suds
T Shine
Texas Mudd
Tire Kleen
Total Eclipse Shake Up Wax
Total Release Odor Bomb-Autumn Mist
Total Release Odor Bomb-Berrylicious
Total Release Odor Bomb-Black Diamond
Total Release Odor Bomb-Bubble Gum
Total Release Odor Bomb-Citrus
Total Release Odor Bomb-Cinnamon
Total Release Odor Bomb-Fresh Air
Total Release Odor Bomb-Fresh Linen
Total Release Odor Bomb-Lemon
Total Release Odor Bomb-Mountain Air
Total Release Odor Bomb-New Car
Total Release Odor Bomb-Ocean Fresh
Total Release Odor Bomb-Sea Breeze
Total Release Odor Bomb-Tropical Mist
Total Release Odor Bomb-Vanilla
Ultraflex 021 Alkaline Presoak Base
Ultraflex 030 Liquibase
Ultraflex 031 High Alkaline Presoak Base
Ultraflex 101 Touchless Presoak Blend
Ultraflex 102 Mild Foam Presoak Blend
Ultraflex 103 High Foam Tire and Wheel Blend
Ultraflex 104 Solvent Blend
Ultraflex 106 Alkaline Presoak Blend
Ultraflex 200 Low PH Foaming Detergent
Ultraflex 201 Low PH Foaming Detergent
Ultraflex 205 Low PH Foaming Cleaner
Ultraflex 210 Non Corrosive Detergent - Reclaim Clarifier
Ultraflex 231 Low Pressure Presoak Bold and Fresh
Ultraflex 235 High Foaming Detergent
Ultraflex 240 High Pressure Detergent Cleaner Lemon Lime
Ultraflex 250 High Foam Scented Brush Detergent Red Bubble Gum
Ultraflex 260 Body Shampoo High Foaming Detergent
Ultraflex 265 Non Corrosive High Foaming Neutral Detergent
Ultraflex 270 Non Corrosive High Lubricity Foaming Detergent
Ultraflex 280 Specialty Cleaner
Ultraflex 300 Polish Base Unscented
Ultraflex 301 Polish Base Raspberry
Ultraflex 311 Polish Cherry Blue
Ultraflex 312 Polish Cherry Red
Ultraflex 313 Polish Cherry Yellow
Ultraflex 341 Cleansing Foaming Conditioner with Cherry Scent
Ultraflex 342 Conditioner Cherry Red
Ultraflex 343 Conditioner Cherry Blue Yellow
Ultraflex 380 Brilliant Blue Concentrated Blue Dye
Ultraflex 381 Radiant Red Concentrated Red Dye
Ultraflex 382 Sunshine Yellow Concentrated Yellow Dye
Ultraflex 383 Genuine Green Concentrated Green Dye
Ultraflex 384 Lustrashield Purple Concentrated Purple Dye
Ultraflex 400 SuperDry Superior Drying Agent
Ultraflex 405 Pearl Black Premium Drying Agent
Ultraflex 420 Unscented Premier Clear Coat Sealant
Ultraflex 421 Clear Coat Sealant Tropical Fruit Scent
Ultraflex 431 Lustrafoam Sealant with Carnauba Wax
Ultraflex 440 Lustrashield with Brake Dust Repellant
Ultraflex 441 Lustrashield with Brake Dust Repellant Grape Scent
Ultraflex 500 Non Acid Non Caustic Tire Wheel Cleaner Green
Ultraflex 505 High Alkaline Cleaner
Ultraflex 520 BugGoo Premium Bug Remover
Ultraflex 540 Rust Ban Inhibitor Underbody Flush
Ultraflex 600 Peach Concentrated Fragrance
Ultraflex 602 Bold and Fresh Concentrated Fragrance
Ultraflex 603 Lemon Concentrated Fragrance
Ultraflex 604 Pina Colada Concentrated Fragrance
Ultraflex 606 Bubble Gum Concentrated Fragrance
Ultraflex 607 Cherry Concentrated Fragrance
Ultraflex 608 Tropical Fruit Concentrated Fragrance
Ultraflex 609 Lustrashield Grape Concentrated Fragrance
Ultraflex 700 Foaming Acidic Cleaner
Ultraflex 720 Tank Freshener
Wash N Wax
Windshield Washer Fluid