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Rupes Big Foot Polishing System



Introducing the Rupes Big Foot Polishing System!

The Detail Supply Warehouse is proud to be a distributor for the Rupes Big Foot Polishing System; carrying the line of polishers, pads and compounds that will revolutionize the way detailers and car enthusiasts polish their vehicles!

Traditional polishing methods usually require an experienced operator and several steps that involve sanding, polishing and treating post-polish swirl marks.  With the Big Foot System, the polishing process is simplified by substantially reducing polishing time and producing professional results with just one step!

The Big Foot Systems uses a Random Orbital Movement which elimintes swirl marks and the need for post-polishing steps generally associated with traditional polishing methods.  Traditional polishing methods often overheat the work surface due to the friction caused by the rotary movement of the polishing pad over the work surface as well as the ample time spent on the same work area.  The Random Orbital Movement of the Big Foot System prevents this risk by reducing friction, and in turn keeping the work surface cooler. 

The Pads, Compounds and Accessories of the Big Foot System all work together to give you professional results whether you are an experienced detailer or a beginner.  The backing pads are designed with special holes in the plate that create air flow that immedately dissapates any surface heat. 

The "open cell" structure of the polishing pads that work with the Big Foot System prevents the build up of heat generated during the polishing process.  The center hole in the polishing pads allows better ventilation and heat dispersion through specail channels in the backing pad. 

The Big Foot System Abrasive Compounds are specially formulated to obtain the perfect mix of viscosity and aggressiveness.  The compounds work to create the perfect consistency for the foam polishing pad and create a constant lubrication between the surface and the pad that prevents the work surface from overheating. 

All of these elements working together gives the detailer a flawless finish while keeping swirl marks and clear coat burn at a mininum. 

Please browse our line of Big Foot Polishers, Pads, Compounds and Accessories!