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The Hydro-Kleen Car Wash System Story

The idea behind the Hydro-Kleen Car Wash System designed by Mike Moon, owner of The Detail Supply Warehouse is a relatively simple one. Mike wanted to design and build the best car wash system in the industry and that is just what he did. When Mike got into the detail supply business and started expanding his client base, he noticed a few things in the dealerships, make-ready departments and detail shops that needed improvement. One of these things was the way the vehicles were being washed. Some hand washed cars, which is widely thought the best way to wash a car, but the reality is, hand washing doesn’t get into the places that pressurized water can. Hand washing doesn’t clean engines, wheels, or wheel wells. Other places used old and dangerous portable pressure washers that were plugged into wall sockets producing high pressure, 200 plus degree water temperatures that can be damaging to vehicle surfaces. Mike knew that the methods that the dealerships and detail shops were using had to change and the Hydro-Kleen system was born.

Mike realized his clients needed a car wash machine, not a pressure washer, but first we need to understand the difference. Pressure washers from big-box retailers produce high volume pressure and a low volume of water. The high pressure and 2 to 3 gallon per minute ratio, along with increased temperatures are damaging to paint surfaces on a vehicle. The car wash machine delivers 4 to 5 gallons per minute with lower pressure behind it. The higher volume of water running through the car wash machine cleans and rinses better without damaging the car’s surface.

When Mike designed the Hydro-Kleen machine, he wanted a simple design with the highest quality components to ensure reliability. He designed the machine to stand high off the ground, which keeps the machine free of debris and out of the elements. He wanted to process of washing a car to be easy to where you could wash the vehicle, store the wand and have the cleaning area free of clutter. Mike knew that a hot water machine worked better than a cold water machine, but the correct temperature to wash a car was between 115 and 130 degrees so he designed the machine to be digitally controlled for the perfect temperature every time. Mike also knew the importance of using the right amount of cleaning product, so he made sure his machines metered the correct amount of detergent the same way, every time the machine was operated.

The Hydro-Kleen Car Wash system has been designed, fabricated and assembled from idea to finished product by The Detail Supply Warehouse for 25 years. The Hydro-Kleen machine is used by corporations like Phillips Petroleum and over 300 dealerships like Chevrolet, Honda, Acura, Ford, Toyota, Lexus, Dodge and many more use the Hydro-Kleen machine in their detail departments, and the list keeps growing.

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