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Big Foot Polishing Pads


Rupes BigFoot Foam Polishing Pads are all expanded resin foam polishing pads and are specifically designed for the random orbital polishing system.  They produce excellent results with substantial time savings and reduced compound consumption.  Big Foot's random orbital movement creates high mechanical stresses on the foam polishing pads, generating an increase in internal temperature.  The innovative "open cell" structure of the BigFoot foam polishing pads prevents the build up of heat generated during the polishing process.  In addition, this particular structure guarantees maximum efficiency in the polishing process with minimum downward vertical pressure from the operator.  The center hole creates superior ventilation and heat dispersion through special channels in the backing pad.  The innovative design of the truncated cone shape optimize the performance of the large diameter orbit, and at the same time protects against accidental contact beween the backing pad and the work surface.  Combined with the Big Foot Random Orbital Polishers and Big Foot Abrasive Compounds, the Foam Polishing Pads leave a flawless, swirl free finish on all types of paint surfaces. 


The Rupes Big Foot Microfiber Polishing Pads are uniquely designed using a polyurethane resin that lies between the velcro interface and the microfiber fabric.  The resin adheres to both the velcro interface and the microfiber fabric and provides a stable and secure bond without the use of adhesives.  This method of bonding allows a beveled edge on the microfiber pad that allows the pad to easily conform to convex shapes during the polishing process.  The center hole in the Big Foot MIcrofiber Polishing Pads helps to dissipate heat and correctly fit the microfiber polishing pad on to the backing plate.

The Big Foot Microfiber Polishing Pads produce quick defect correction on high solids or ceramic clear coats as well as allowing high efficiency polishing on clear coat and one stage surfaces.  The Microfiber Polishing Pads greatly reduce polishing cycle times, allow for less dust on the work surface during this polishing process and the pads are comfortable and easy to use. 

The Microfiber Polishing Pads are manufactured in two different microfiber fabrics.  The blue microfiber pad is used for the correction step to enhance the cutting capacity of the abrasive.  The yellow microfiber pad is used for light polishing action to promote the high gloss level on the work surface.

Rupes developed the Big Foot Microfiber Polishing Pads with Spiral Slots in the pads, an innovative design that is the first of its kind! The slots allow for greater heat dissapation and lighter weight for better balance when using the polisher.  The slots also allow for controlled and measured spreading of the polishing compounds on the work surface.

Please browse the Big Foot Foam Polishing Pads and Microfiber Polishing Pads as well as other great products in the Rupes Big Foot Polishing System!